The Human Side of Lean Video

The Human Side of Lean  Video

In this unique Lean Manufacturing video, workers explain how they designed and built their own workcell. They talk about benefits to their company, and the profound improvements in their work life as we follow them in their daily work. These are real people with a real story. The results are dramatic and they know it firsthand.  
This video is an ideal introduction for the shop floor and gives important insights to supervisors, engineers and managers. It also shows how the human and technical elements of Lean Manufacturing interact in a complex Socio-Technical System.
Ideal For:
■ Orientation of Shop Workers To Lean & Cellular Manufacturing
■ Introducing Cellular Manufacturing
■ Illustrating The Human Side of Lean

Video Topics

  • Cellular Versus Line and Functional layouts
  • Benefits of Cells
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Training
  • Adjusting To The New Environment
  • Personal Feelings
■ DVD Format
■ 23 Minutes

$ 140.00